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Meaning: wealthy

Er ist sehr reich und besitzt viele Luxusautos.

He is very wealthy and owns many luxury cars.

Meaning: abundant

Der Garten ist reich an Blumen und Pflanzen.

The garden is abundant in flowers and plants.

Meaning: rich (in flavor)

Die Schokolade ist sehr reich und cremig.

The chocolate is very rich and creamy.

Meaning: plentiful

In dieser Region gibt es reichlich Fisch zum Angeln.

There is plenty of fish for fishing in this region.

Meaning: fertile

Der Boden hier ist sehr reich und gut für den Anbau von Gemüse.

The soil here is very fertile and good for growing vegetables.


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A1: Sie ist reich und glücklich.

She is rich and happy.

A1: Er hat ein reiches Leben geführt.

He has led a rich life.

A1: Das Essen war sehr reichhaltig.

The food was very rich.

B1: Die Familie besitzt ein reiches Vermögen.

The family possesses a large fortune.

B1: Der Roman erzählt von einer reichen Erbin.

The novel tells the story of a wealthy heiress.

B1: Die Stadt hat eine reiche Geschichte.

The city has a rich history.

C1: Sein Wissen über die Kunstgeschichte ist reichhaltig.

His knowledge of art history is extensive.

C1: Das Buch bietet einen reichen Einblick in die Kultur des Landes.

The book provides a rich insight into the culture of the country.

C1: Die Forschung hat zu reichen Erkenntnissen geführt.

The research has led to valuable insights.

Advanced Description

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The German adjective 'reich' translates to 'rich' in English. It is used to describe someone or something that has a lot of wealth, possessions, or resources. In the context of money, being 'reich' means having a high net worth and being financially well-off. However, 'reich' can also be used more broadly to describe abundance or plenty in other aspects of life, such as knowledge, talent, or opportunities.

In German culture, the concept of being 'reich' goes beyond just material wealth. It is often associated with success, power, and influence. Being 'reich' can imply social status and prestige. Historically, Germany has had a complex relationship with wealth and class divisions, which has influenced the perception and meaning of the word 'reich'. Today, being 'reich' is often seen as a desirable state, but it can also carry connotations of greed or inequality.

It's important to note that the word 'reich' can have different connotations depending on the context and the speaker's perspective. While it generally refers to financial prosperity, it can also encompass a broader sense of abundance and well-being. Understanding the cultural nuances and historical background of the word 'reich' is crucial for fully grasping its meaning and implications.

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