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Meaning: correct

Das ist die richtige Antwort.

That is the correct answer.

Meaning: proper

Bitte benutzen Sie den richtigen Eingang.

Please use the proper entrance.

Meaning: real

Er ist ein richtiger Gentleman.

He is a real gentleman.

Meaning: true

Das ist richtig, ich stimme dir zu.

That is true, I agree with you.

Meaning: adequate

Wir haben genug Zeit, um alles richtig zu machen.

We have enough time to do everything adequately.


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A1: Das ist richtig.

A1: That is correct.

A1: Ich habe die richtige Antwort.

A1: I have the right answer.

A1: Er macht alles richtig.

A1: He does everything correctly.

B1: Du hast das richtig gemacht.

B1: You did it right.

B1: Sie hat den richtigen Weg gewählt.

B1: She chose the right path.

B2: Wir werden es richtig machen.

B2: We will do it properly.

C1: Wenn du es richtig gemacht hättest, wäre es nicht passiert.

C1: If you had done it right, it wouldn't have happened.

C1: Es ist wichtig, dass wir die richtigen Entscheidungen treffen.

C1: It is important that we make the right decisions.

C2: Die Experten haben eine richtige Lösung gefunden.

C2: The experts found a correct solution.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective "richtig" can be translated to English as "correct" or "right". It is used to describe something that is accurate, true, or in accordance with the facts or rules.

In everyday conversations, "richtig" is often used to confirm or agree with a statement. For example, if someone says "Das ist richtig" (That is correct), they are acknowledging that what was said is accurate.

Additionally, "richtig" can also be used to emphasize the intensity or extent of something. For instance, if someone says "Das war richtig gut" (That was really good), they are expressing that the thing being referred to was exceptionally good.

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