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Rot is a German adjective that translates to the color red in English. It describes an object or substance that has a hue similar to that of blood, fire, or strawberries.

Part of speech



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Meaning: color: red

Die Rose ist rot.

The rose is red.

Meaning: political: communist

Er ist ein überzeugter Roter.

He is a dedicated communist.

Meaning: emotional: angry

Sie wurde rot vor Wut.

She turned red with anger.

Meaning: physical: flushed

Nach dem Laufen war sein Gesicht ganz rot.

After running, his face was completely flushed.

Meaning: metaphorical: revolutionary

Die Erfindung war eine rote Revolution in der Technologiebranche.

The invention was a revolutionary breakthrough in the technology industry.


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A1: Das Auto ist rot.

The car is red.

A1: Die Blume ist rot.

The flower is red.

A1: Der Ball ist rot.

The ball is red.

B1: Ich habe ein rotes Kleid gekauft.

I bought a red dress.

B1: Er trägt eine rote Mütze.

He is wearing a red hat.

B1: Die Ampel ist gerade rot geworden.

The traffic light just turned red.

C1: Sie hat ihre Haare rot gefärbt.

She dyed her hair red.

C1: Der Himmel färbte sich rot während des Sonnenuntergangs.

The sky turned red during the sunset.

C1: Die Tomaten sind reif und haben eine kräftige rote Farbe.

The tomatoes are ripe and have a vibrant red color.

Advanced Description

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In German, rot is one of the most commonly used adjectives to describe the color red. The word can be used to describe anything from a bright red apple to a deep crimson sunset. It is also often used in combination with other words to create compound adjectives, such as 'rotbraun' (reddish-brown) or 'rotgolden' (red-golden).

The color red has many cultural and symbolic associations in Germany and around the world. In Western cultures, it is often associated with love, passion, and danger. In Germany specifically, it is also associated with Christmas and the holiday season, as well as with socialism and communism due to the use of the color by political parties.

When using rot in conversation or writing, it's important to keep in mind any cultural or contextual associations that may affect its meaning. For example, while the color red may be seen as romantic or festive in some contexts, it may be seen as aggressive or warning in others. Additionally, different shades of red may have different connotations - for example, a bright cherry red may be seen as playful and youthful, while a dark maroon may be seen as sophisticated and elegant.

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