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calm, quiet, peaceful

Part of speech



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Meaning: calm

Sie ist eine ruhige Person.

She is a calm person.

Meaning: quiet

Die Straße ist sehr ruhig.

The street is very quiet.

Meaning: peaceful

Der Ort hat eine ruhige Atmosphäre.

The place has a peaceful atmosphere.

Meaning: still

Das Wasser ist ruhig und spiegelt den Himmel wider.

The water is still and reflects the sky.

Meaning: serene

Der Sonnenuntergang war einfach nur ruhig und schön.

The sunset was simply serene and beautiful.


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A1: Ich bin ruhig.

A1: I am calm.

A1: Sie ist eine ruhige Person.

A1: She is a calm person.

A2: Das Hotelzimmer ist ruhig.

A2: The hotel room is quiet.

B1: Er bleibt ruhig, obwohl er gestresst ist.

B1: He remains calm even though he is stressed.

B1: Die ruhige Musik hat eine beruhigende Wirkung auf mich.

B1: The calm music has a soothing effect on me.

B2: Wir haben eine ruhige Fahrt genossen.

B2: We enjoyed a peaceful ride.

C1: Trotz des Chaos um sie herum blieb sie ruhig und gelassen.

C1: Despite the chaos around her, she remained calm and composed.

C1: Der ruhige Fluss spiegelt die Schönheit der Natur wider.

C1: The tranquil river reflects the beauty of nature.

C2: Nach einer langen Meditationssitzung erreichte er einen Zustand vollkommener Ruhe.

C2: After a long meditation session, he reached a state of complete tranquility.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'ruhig' is used to describe a state of calmness, tranquility, and peace. It refers to an absence of noise, disturbance, or agitation.

When applied to a person, 'ruhig' suggests someone who is composed, serene, and undisturbed by external factors. It can also imply a sense of inner stillness and stability.

In various contexts, 'ruhig' can be used to describe a peaceful environment, a quiet atmosphere, or a situation that lacks tension or excitement.

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