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gentle, soft

Part of speech



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Meaning: gentle

Die sanfte Brise streichelte ihr Gesicht.

The gentle breeze caressed her face.

Meaning: soft

Das Baby hatte eine sanfte Haut.

The baby had soft skin.

Meaning: mild

Er trank einen sanften Kaffee ohne Zucker.

He drank a mild coffee without sugar.

Meaning: smooth

Der Stoff fühlte sich sanft an.

The fabric felt smooth.

Meaning: subtle

Sie bemerkte den sanften Duft des Parfüms.

She noticed the subtle scent of the perfume.


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A1: Die Decke ist sanft.

The blanket is soft.

A1: Er spricht mit einer sanften Stimme.

He speaks with a gentle voice.

A1: Das Baby schläft auf der sanften Matratze.

The baby sleeps on the soft mattress.

B1: Sie massiert ihren Rücken sanft.

She massages her back gently.

B1: Der Wind streichelt sanft mein Gesicht.

The wind gently caresses my face.

B1: Die Musik berührt meine Seele auf sanfte Weise.

The music touches my soul in a gentle way.

C1: Nach einem langen Tag sehne ich mich nach einer sanften Massage.

After a long day, I long for a gentle massage.

C1: Die sanfte Brise des Meeres erfrischt meinen Geist.

The gentle breeze of the sea refreshes my mind.

C1: Ihre Worte hatten eine sanfte Wirkung auf mich.

Her words had a gentle impact on me.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'sanft' means 'gentle' or 'soft'. It is used to describe something that is mild, calm, and soothing in nature. This word can be applied to various contexts, such as describing a gentle touch, a soft voice, or a smooth texture.

'Sanft' can also be used figuratively to describe someone's personality or behavior. For example, if someone is kind-hearted, patient, and understanding, they can be described as 'sanft'. Additionally, this word can be used to describe the weather when it is mild and pleasant.

In German literature and poetry, 'sanft' is often used to evoke a sense of tranquility and peacefulness. It conveys a feeling of delicacy and tenderness. Whether used literally or metaphorically, 'sanft' is a versatile adjective that captures the essence of gentleness and softness.

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