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Meaning: sharp

Das Messer ist scharf.

The knife is sharp.

Meaning: spicy

Das Essen ist sehr scharf.

The food is very spicy.

Meaning: hot

Die Suppe ist noch scharf.

The soup is still hot.

Meaning: keen

Er hat einen scharfen Verstand.

He has a keen mind.

Meaning: intense

Sie hatte eine scharfe Reaktion auf die Nachricht.

She had an intense reaction to the news.


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A1: Das Messer ist scharf.

The knife is sharp.

A1: Die Chili ist scharf.

The chili is spicy.

A1: Der Hund hat scharfe Zähne.

The dog has sharp teeth.

B1: Sie schneidet das Brot mit einem scharfen Messer.

She cuts the bread with a sharp knife.

B1: Das Essen war zu scharf für mich.

The food was too spicy for me.

B1: Er hat eine scharfe Kritik an dem Buch geäußert.

He expressed sharp criticism of the book.

C1: Die Polizei ermittelt in einem Fall von scharfer Kritik gegen den Politiker.

The police are investigating a case of severe criticism against the politician.

C1: Der Schiedsrichter zeigte dem Spieler eine scharfe Rote Karte.

The referee showed the player a harsh red card.

C1: Die scharfe Konkurrenz zwang das Unternehmen, seine Preise zu senken.

The fierce competition forced the company to lower its prices.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'scharf' can be translated to English as 'sharp'. It is used to describe something that has a pointed or cutting edge, such as a knife or a blade. It can also refer to something that is intense or strong, like a spicy food or a strong smell.

In the context of taste, 'scharf' is commonly used to describe foods that are hot or spicy. For example, if you order a dish in Germany and ask for it to be 'scharf', you can expect it to have a significant level of spiciness.

Additionally, 'scharf' can also be used figuratively to describe someone who is quick-witted or has a sharp mind. In this sense, it implies intelligence and cleverness.

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