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Meaning: fast (in terms of speed)

Der Zug fährt schnell.

The train is going fast.

Meaning: quickly (in terms of time)

Ich muss schnell zum Flughafen.

I need to get to the airport quickly.

Meaning: hastily

Er hat die Aufgabe schnell erledigt.

He completed the task hastily.

Meaning: easily

Das Problem lässt sich schnell lösen.

The problem can be easily solved.

Meaning: soon

Wir sehen uns hoffentlich ganz schnell wieder.

Hopefully, we'll see each other again soon.


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A1: Ich laufe schnell.

A1: I run quickly.

A1: Er spricht schnell.

A1: He speaks quickly.

A1: Sie isst schnell.

A1: She eats quickly.

B1: Ich habe schnell Deutsch gelernt.

B1: I quickly learned German.

B1: Wir werden morgen schnell einkaufen gehen.

B1: We will go shopping quickly tomorrow.

B1: Du hast dich zu schnell entschieden.

B1: You decided too quickly.

C1: Es wäre schön, wenn du schneller arbeiten könntest.

C1: It would be nice if you could work faster.

C1: Die Zeit vergeht viel zu schnell.

C1: Time passes much too quickly.

C1: Er hat das Rennen überraschend schnell gewonnen.

C1: He surprisingly won the race quickly.

Advanced Description

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The German adverb 'schnell' means 'quickly' in English. It is used to describe the speed or pace at which something happens.

'Schnell' can be used to describe physical movements, such as running or driving, as well as actions or processes that happen rapidly. For example, if someone says 'Ich bin schnell gelaufen' it means 'I ran quickly'. Similarly, if someone says 'Der Zug fährt schnell' it means 'The train is driving fast'.

In addition to describing speed, 'schnell' can also be used to express urgency or efficiency. For instance, if someone says 'Wir müssen schnell handeln' it means 'We need to act quickly'. Overall, 'schnell' is a versatile adverb that is commonly used in everyday German conversations.

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