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Schwarz is a German adjective that means black or dark.

Part of speech



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Meaning: black

Das Auto ist schwarz.

The car is black.

Meaning: dark

Es ist schon sehr schwarz draußen.

It's already very dark outside.

Meaning: illegal

Der Handel mit gestohlenen Waren ist schwarz.

The trade of stolen goods is illegal.

Meaning: underground

Die Band spielt schwarz in kleinen Clubs.

The band plays underground in small clubs.

Meaning: secret

Er hat ein schwarz-weißes Foto von ihr.

He has a secret black and white photo of her.


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A1: Das Auto ist schwarz.

The car is black.

A1: Ich trage ein schwarzes Kleid.

I am wearing a black dress.

A1: Der Hund hat schwarze Flecken.

The dog has black spots.

B1: Die schwarze Katze lief über die Straße.

The black cat ran across the street.

B1: Er trägt eine schwarze Lederjacke, wenn es kalt ist.

He wears a black leather jacket when it's cold.

B1: Die schwarzen Schuhe passen gut zu dem blauen Anzug.

The black shoes go well with the blue suit.

C1: Der Künstler malte das Bild mit schwarzer Farbe.

The artist painted the picture with black paint.

C1: In der Nacht war der Himmel schwarz und voller Sterne.

At night, the sky was black and full of stars.

C1: Die schwarze Witwe ist eine giftige Spinne.

The black widow is a venomous spider.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, schwarz is the word used to describe the color black or anything that is dark in color. It can be used to describe objects, clothing, or even emotions and moods.

The use of the word schwarz can also have cultural and historical significance in Germany. For example, during the Nazi regime, the term 'Schwarze Kapelle' (Black Orchestra) was used to refer to a group of anti-Nazi conspirators.

Overall, schwarz is a versatile word in the German language that can be used to describe a range of things from physical appearance to abstract concepts.

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