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Schwer is a German adjective that translates to 'difficult' or 'heavy'.

Part of speech



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Meaning: difficult

Die Mathematikaufgabe ist schwer.

The math problem is difficult.

Meaning: heavy

Der Koffer ist schwer.

The suitcase is heavy.

Meaning: serious

Das Thema ist sehr schwerwiegend.

The topic is very serious.

Meaning: hard

Der Stein ist schwer.

The stone is hard.

Meaning: severe

Er hat eine schwere Erkältung.

He has a severe cold.


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A1: Das Buch ist schwer.

The book is heavy.

A1: Der Koffer ist zu schwer für mich.

The suitcase is too heavy for me.

A2: Die Prüfung war schwer, aber ich habe bestanden.

The exam was difficult, but I passed.

B1: Es ist schwer, eine Entscheidung zu treffen.

It is difficult to make a decision.

B1: Er hat sich schwer verletzt und musste ins Krankenhaus gebracht werden.

He was seriously injured and had to be taken to the hospital.

B2: Es fällt mir schwer, mich auf die Arbeit zu konzentrieren, wenn es so laut ist.

It's hard for me to concentrate on work when it's so noisy.

C1: Die politische Situation in diesem Land ist sehr schwer einzuschätzen.

The political situation in this country is very difficult to assess.

C1: Sie hat sich schwer getan, den komplexen Text zu verstehen.

She struggled to understand the complex text.

C2: Der Verlust seines besten Freundes wiegt schwer auf ihm.

The loss of his best friend weighs heavily on him.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, schwer can be used to describe physical weight, as well as figurative weight. For example, 'Das Paket ist sehr schwer' means 'The package is very heavy', while 'Es fällt mir schwer, Deutsch zu lernen' means 'It's difficult for me to learn German'.

When used in the context of music, schwer refers to a slow and heavy tempo. This term is often used in classical music to indicate a piece should be played with a slow and deliberate feel.

It's important to note that the word schwer has multiple meanings depending on the context it's used in. It can also be used to describe something as serious or severe, such as 'eine schwere Krankheit' (a serious illness). As with many words in any language, understanding the context is key to understanding its meaning.

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