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The German numeral 'sechs' means the number six in English.

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Meaning: Number six

Ich habe sechs Äpfel gekauft.

I bought six apples.

Meaning: Sixth

Er ist der sechste Spieler in der Mannschaft.

He is the sixth player on the team.

Meaning: Hexadecimal number six

Die Farbe des Hintergrunds ist #000006.

The color of the background is #000006.

Meaning: Six o'clock

Wir treffen uns um sechs Uhr am Bahnhof.

We are meeting at six o'clock at the train station.

Meaning: Sixth gear

Schalte in den sechsten Gang, um schneller zu fahren.

Shift into sixth gear to go faster.


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A1: Ich habe sechs Äpfel gekauft.

A1: I bought six apples.

A1: Es sind sechs Tage bis zu meinem Geburtstag.

A1: It's six days until my birthday.

A1: Wir haben um sechs Uhr abends gegessen.

A1: We had dinner at six o'clock in the evening.

B1: Der Zug fährt um sechs Uhr ab.

B1: The train departs at six o'clock.

B1: Er hat sechs Jahre in Deutschland gelebt.

B1: He lived in Germany for six years.

B1: In sechs Wochen beginnt die Schule wieder.

B1: School starts again in six weeks.

C1: Bis zum Jahr 2026 werden erneuerbare Energien den Großteil der Energieversorgung ausmachen.

C1: By the year 2026, renewable energies will make up the majority of the energy supply.

C1: Die Veranstaltung findet am sechsten November statt.

C1: The event takes place on the sixth of November.

C1: Nach sechs Monaten harter Arbeit wurde das Projekt erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

C1: After six months of hard work, the project was successfully completed.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'sechs' is derived from the Old High German word 'sehs', which also meant six. It is a cardinal number that comes after five and before seven. In the decimal system, it is represented by the Arabic numeral 6.

In German, 'sechs' is used to represent the quantity or position of something when it reaches the number six. For example, if you have six apples, you would say 'sechs Äpfel'. Similarly, if you are in sixth place in a race, you would say 'sechster Platz'.

Like other numerals in German, 'sechs' can be used as an adjective or a noun. As an adjective, it agrees with the gender and case of the noun it modifies. For example, 'sechste Stunde' (sixth hour) and 'sechstes Buch' (sixth book). As a noun, it can be used to refer to the number itself or to a group of six things.

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