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Meaning: strong

Er ist ein starker Mann.

He is a strong man.

Meaning: powerful

Die Maschine hat einen starken Motor.

The machine has a powerful engine.

Meaning: intense

Sie hatte starke Schmerzen.

She had intense pain.

Meaning: severe

Es gab einen starken Sturm gestern.

There was a severe storm yesterday.

Meaning: firm

Er hat eine starke Meinung zu diesem Thema.

He has a firm opinion on this topic.


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A1: Das Kind ist stark.

The child is strong.

A1: Die Tasse ist stark.

The cup is sturdy.

A1: Der Kaffee ist stark.

The coffee is strong.

B1: Er hat eine starke Persönlichkeit.

He has a strong personality.

B1: Sie haben einen starken Einfluss auf die Entscheidung.

They have a strong influence on the decision.

B1: Ich habe starke Kopfschmerzen.

I have a severe headache.

C1: Die Verletzung hat seine körperliche Stärke beeinträchtigt.

The injury has affected his physical strength.

C1: Sie zeigte eine starke Leistung bei der Präsentation.

She showed a strong performance in the presentation.

C1: Seine Argumente waren stark und überzeugend.

His arguments were strong and convincing.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'stark' translates to 'strong' in English. It is used to describe something or someone that possesses physical or mental power, force, or ability.

In the context of physical strength, 'stark' can refer to a person who has a muscular physique and is capable of exerting great force. For example, you might use this word to describe a weightlifter or an athlete with exceptional physical prowess.

However, 'stark' can also be used metaphorically to describe someone's mental or emotional strength. In this sense, it refers to a person who is resilient, determined, and able to withstand difficult situations or challenges.

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