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Meaning: continuing to happen or exist

Er arbeitet noch.

He is still working.

Meaning: in addition; furthermore

Ich habe noch eine Frage.

I have one more question.

Meaning: despite what has been said or done

Das ist trotzdem noch möglich.

That is still possible nonetheless.

Meaning: up until the present time

Bist du immer noch hier?

Are you still here?


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A1: Ich bin noch müde.

A1: I am still tired.

A1: Er ist immer noch zu Hause.

A1: He is still at home.

A1: Sie hat noch Hunger.

A1: She is still hungry.

B1: Ich habe gestern noch mit ihm gesprochen.

B1: I spoke with him yesterday as well.

B1: Wir werden heute Abend noch einkaufen gehen.

B1: We will go shopping later tonight as well.

B1: Du musst das Buch noch lesen, bevor du es zurückgibst.

B1: You still have to read the book before returning it.

C1: Ich war schon in vielen Ländern, aber ich möchte noch mehr bereisen.

C1: I have already been to many countries, but I want to travel even more.

C1: Er hatte bereits viel Erfolg, aber er strebt immer noch nach mehr.

C1: He has already had a lot of success, but he still strives for more.

C1: Die Veranstaltung war großartig, aber sie könnte noch verbessert werden.

C1: The event was great, but it could still be improved.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The adverb 'still' in German means 'still' or 'yet' in English. It is used to indicate that a particular action or state is continuing or ongoing.

In German, 'still' can be used to express the idea of something that has not changed or moved. For example, 'Er steht still' means 'He stands still'.

'Still' can also be used to convey the meaning of 'even now' or 'despite everything'. For instance, 'Sie ist immer noch krank' translates to 'She is still sick' or 'She is even now sick'.

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