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Meaning: dry

Die Wäsche ist trocken.

The laundry is dry.

Meaning: dried

Die getrockneten Früchte schmecken süß.

The dried fruits taste sweet.

Meaning: stale

Das Brot ist schon etwas trocken.

The bread is a bit stale.

Meaning: sober

Er ist seit einem Jahr trocken.

He has been sober for a year.

Meaning: plain

Der Kuchen schmeckt mir zu trocken.

I find the cake too plain.


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Das Brot ist trocken.

The bread is dry.

Die Wäsche ist noch nicht trocken.

The laundry is not dry yet.

Kannst du mir ein trockenes Handtuch geben?

Can you give me a dry towel?

Der Boden ist nach dem Regen immer noch trocken.

The ground is still dry after the rain.

Wir haben gestern einen trockenen Wein getrunken.

We drank a dry wine yesterday.

Ich habe eine trockene Kehle, ich brauche etwas zu trinken.

I have a dry throat, I need something to drink.

Die trockene Hitze macht mir zu schaffen.

The dry heat is bothering me.

Er hat einen trockenen Humor, aber er ist sehr lustig.

He has a dry sense of humor, but he is very funny.

Nach dem Training fühlte ich mich müde und trocken im Mund.

After the workout, I felt tired and had a dry mouth.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'trocken' means 'dry' in English. It is used to describe something that lacks moisture or has very little liquid content.

'Trocken' can be used to describe the weather, such as a dry climate or a dry season. It can also refer to objects or substances that are not wet, like dry clothes or dry land.

In addition, 'trocken' can be used metaphorically to describe a lack of emotion or humor in someone's personality. For example, if someone has a dry sense of humor, it means they make jokes that are subtle and understated.

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