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Vier is the German word for the number four.

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Meaning: The number four

Ich habe vier Geschwister.

I have four siblings.

Meaning: A symbol or representation of the number four

Die Vier auf dem Würfel zeigt nach oben.

The four on the dice is facing up.

Meaning: A group or set of four things

Ich brauche vier Eier für das Rezept.

I need four eggs for the recipe.

Meaning: A duration of four units of time

Wir haben vier Tage Urlaub.

We have a four-day vacation.

Meaning: A score of four points in a game or competition

Unsere Mannschaft hat vier Tore geschossen.

Our team scored four goals.


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A1: Ich habe vier Äpfel gekauft.

I bought four apples.

A2: Vier plus drei ergibt sieben.

Four plus three equals seven.

A2: Wir haben uns um vier Uhr getroffen.

We met at four o'clock.

B1: Ich werde in vier Wochen nach Deutschland reisen.

I will travel to Germany in four weeks.

B2: Vor vier Jahren habe ich angefangen, Deutsch zu lernen.

Four years ago, I started learning German.

B2: In vier Tagen werde ich meinen Geburtstag feiern.

In four days, I will celebrate my birthday.

C1: Bis vor kurzem hatte ich vier Jahre lang keinen Urlaub gemacht.

Until recently, I hadn't taken a vacation for four years.

C2: Wenn ich gewusst hätte, dass es nur noch vier Plätze gibt, hätte ich früher gebucht.

If I had known that there were only four seats left, I would have booked earlier.

C2: Nachdem ich vier Bewerbungen geschrieben hatte, bekam ich endlich eine Zusage.

After writing four applications, I finally received an acceptance.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, like in many other languages, numbers are an important part of communication. Vier is a cardinal number that represents the quantity of four objects or units. It can be used to count things, express a specific amount, or indicate a position in a sequence.

Vier is pronounced as 'feer' and written using the Arabic numerals 4. It belongs to the decimal system, which means that it is based on ten digits (0-9) and uses place value to represent larger numbers. For example, vierundzwanzig (24) literally means 'four and twenty', where vier represents the tens place and zwanzig represents the ones place.

Aside from its numerical meaning, vier can also be used in idiomatic expressions and cultural references. For instance, 'vier gewinnt' (four wins) is a popular board game similar to Connect Four, while 'vier Jahreszeiten' (four seasons) refers to the four distinct periods of the year. Understanding the usage and context of vier can help learners of German communicate more effectively and appreciate its rich culture.

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