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Meaning: true

Das ist wahr.

That is true.

Meaning: real

Er hat einen wahren Freund gefunden.

He has found a real friend.

Meaning: genuine

Sie trägt nur wahre Markenkleidung.

She only wears genuine branded clothing.

Meaning: authentic

Dieses Gemälde ist ein wahres Meisterwerk.

This painting is an authentic masterpiece.

Meaning: accurate

Die Uhr geht immer noch wahr.

The clock is still accurate.


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A1: Das ist wahr.

A1: That is true.

A1: Sie spricht die Wahrheit.

A1: She speaks the truth.

A2: Die Geschichte ist wahr.

A2: The story is true.

B1: Es ist wahr, dass er ein guter Freund ist.

B1: It is true that he is a good friend.

B1: Ich habe gehört, dass sie wahre Geschichten schreibt.

B1: I heard that she writes true stories.

B2: Er hat mir versichert, dass seine Aussage wahr ist.

B2: He assured me that his statement is true.

C1: Die wahren Gründe für seinen Rücktritt sind immer noch unbekannt.

C1: The true reasons for his resignation are still unknown.

C1: Die wahre Bedeutung dieses Gedichts geht oft verloren.

C1: The true meaning of this poem is often lost.

C2: Es ist schwer, die Wahrheit von der Lüge zu unterscheiden.

C2: It is difficult to distinguish the truth from the lie.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'wahr' means 'true' in English. It is used to describe something that is in accordance with reality or fact, as opposed to being false or fictional.

In everyday language, 'wahr' can be used to express the truthfulness of a statement or claim. For example, if someone says 'Das ist wahr' ('That is true'), they are affirming the accuracy or validity of what has been said.

'Wahr' can also be used in a more abstract sense to describe something that is genuine, sincere, or authentic. It can refer to a person's true character or intentions.

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