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Wieder is a German adverb that means 'again' or 'once more'. It is used to indicate repetition of an action or event.

Part of speech



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Meaning: again

Ich werde es wieder tun.

I will do it again.

Meaning: back

Kommst du wieder zurück?

Are you coming back?

Meaning: anew

Wir müssen das Projekt wieder beginnen.

We have to start the project anew.

Meaning: once more

Er hat mir wieder geholfen.

He helped me once more.

Meaning: repeatedly

Sie hat es immer wieder versucht.

She tried it repeatedly.


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A1: Ich bin wieder zu Hause.

I am back home.

A1: Wir treffen uns wieder morgen.

We are meeting again tomorrow.

A1: Kannst du das bitte noch einmal wiederholen?

Can you please repeat that again?

B1: Er hat sich wieder beruhigt, nachdem er seine Wut herausgelassen hatte.

He calmed down again after he had let out his anger.

B1: Ich habe mich gefragt, ob wir uns wiedersehen werden.

I wondered if we will see each other again.

B1: Sie wird in ein paar Wochen wieder arbeiten gehen.

She will go back to work again in a few weeks.

C1: Nachdem ich die Prüfung nicht bestanden hatte, musste ich wieder von vorne anfangen.

After I failed the exam, I had to start all over again.

C1: Es war schön, meine alte Freundin nach so vielen Jahren wiederzusehen.

It was nice to see my old friend again after so many years.

C1: Wenn ich nochmal die Chance hätte, würde ich alles wieder genauso machen.

If I had the chance again, I would do everything exactly the same way.

Advanced Description

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The adverb wieder is commonly used in everyday German language. It can be used in various contexts and situations to express the idea of something happening again or being repeated. For example, if someone asks you to repeat what you just said, you could respond with 'noch einmal bitte' (once more please) or 'wiederholen Sie das bitte' (please repeat that).

In addition to indicating repetition, wieder can also be used to express the idea of returning to a previous state or situation. For instance, if you are talking about a book you read before and want to read it again, you could say 'Ich möchte das Buch wieder lesen' (I want to read the book again).

It's important to note that wieder can also be used in combination with other words to create compound adverbs such as wiederum (on the other hand) and immer wieder (time and time again). These compound adverbs have their own unique meanings and usage, so it's important to understand them in context.

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