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zehn is the German word for ten.

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Meaning: ten

Ich habe zehn Äpfel gekauft.

I bought ten apples.

Meaning: tenth

Er ist der zehnte Spieler in der Mannschaft.

He is the tenth player on the team.

Meaning: decade

Die 80er Jahre waren eine aufregende Zeit.

The 80s were an exciting time.

Meaning: tenfold

Der Gewinn hat sich um das Zehnfache erhöht.

The profit has increased tenfold.

Meaning: tenner

Kannst du mir einen Zehner leihen?

Can you lend me a tenner?


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A1: Ich habe zehn Äpfel gekauft.

A1: I bought ten apples.

A1: Er ist zehn Jahre alt.

A1: He is ten years old.

A1: Wir haben zehn Euro gewonnen.

A1: We won ten euros.

B1: Ich werde in zehn Minuten da sein.

B1: I will be there in ten minutes.

B1: Sie hat seit zehn Jahren Deutsch gelernt.

B1: She has been learning German for ten years.

B1: In zehn Tagen beginnt der Urlaub.

B1: The vacation starts in ten days.

C1: Bis zum Jahr 2030 werden wir zehn Millionen Einwohner haben.

C1: By the year 2030, we will have ten million inhabitants.

C1: Die Veranstaltung dauerte zehn Stunden.

C1: The event lasted ten hours.

C1: Zehn Prozent der Bevölkerung sind arbeitslos.

C1: Ten percent of the population is unemployed.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In the German language, zehn is the word used to represent the number ten. It is a cardinal number and is written as '10' in Arabic numerals.

Zehn is an important number in various aspects of German culture and society. For example, it is commonly used to count from one to ten, and is often taught to children as one of the first numbers they learn. Additionally, zehn plays a significant role in time-telling, as it represents the hour ten on a clock or watch face.

Furthermore, zehn has historical significance in Germany. It was during the tenth century that the Holy Roman Empire reached its peak under Emperor Otto I, making this period known as the 'Ottonian Renaissance.' The number ten also holds symbolic meaning in many cultural and religious contexts worldwide, representing completeness, perfection, and wholeness.

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