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"ziemlich" German translation




quite, fairly

Part of speech



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Meaning: quite

Das Essen war ziemlich gut.

The food was quite good.

Meaning: fairly

Er ist ziemlich groß.

He is fairly tall.

Meaning: rather

Es ist ziemlich kalt draußen.

It is rather cold outside.

Meaning: pretty

Sie ist ziemlich intelligent.

She is pretty intelligent.

Meaning: somewhat

Ich bin ziemlich müde.

I am somewhat tired.


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A1: Das Buch ist ziemlich teuer.

A1: The book is quite expensive.

A1: Der Film war ziemlich langweilig.

A1: The movie was quite boring.

A1: Ich bin ziemlich müde.

A1: I am quite tired.

B1: Er hat ziemlich viel Geld gespart.

B1: He has saved quite a lot of money.

B1: Sie ist ziemlich gut in Mathematik.

B1: She is quite good at mathematics.

B1: Wir haben uns ziemlich oft gestritten.

B1: We have argued quite often.

C1: Es war ziemlich schwierig, die Prüfung zu bestehen.

C1: It was quite difficult to pass the exam.

C1: Die Veranstaltung war ziemlich gut besucht.

C1: The event was quite well attended.

C1: Er hat ziemlich lange gebraucht, um den Fehler zu finden.

C1: He took quite a long time to find the mistake.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adverb 'ziemlich' is used to express a degree of intensity or extent. It can be translated into English as 'quite' or 'fairly'.

'Ziemlich' is often used to describe something that is moderately intense or extensive. For example, if someone says 'Das Essen ist ziemlich gut', it means 'The food is quite good'.

It is important to note that the intensity or extent expressed by 'ziemlich' may vary depending on the context and the speaker's intention.

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