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"zwanzig" is the German word for the number twenty.

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Meaning: twenty

Ich habe zwanzig Euro.

I have twenty euros.

Meaning: score

Das Spiel endete mit einem zwanzig zu null Sieg.

The game ended with a score of twenty to zero.

Meaning: twentieth

Heute ist der zwanzigste Tag des Monats.

Today is the twentieth day of the month.

Meaning: group of twenty

Die Klasse besteht aus zwanzig Schülern.

The class consists of twenty students.


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A1: Ich habe zwanzig Äpfel gekauft.

A1: I bought twenty apples.

A2: Wir haben zwanzig Minuten gewartet.

A2: We waited for twenty minutes.

A2: Er ist um zwanzig Uhr nach Hause gekommen.

A2: He came home at eight o'clock.

B1: Es sind noch zwanzig Plätze frei.

B1: There are still twenty seats available.

B1: Sie hat zwanzig Jahre in Deutschland gelebt.

B1: She lived in Germany for twenty years.

B2: Die Veranstaltung dauert zwanzig Tage.

B2: The event lasts for twenty days.

B2: Der Film wurde vor zwanzig Jahren gedreht.

B2: The movie was filmed twenty years ago.

C1: In den letzten zwanzig Jahren hat sich viel verändert.

C1: A lot has changed in the last twenty years.

C1: Zwanzig Prozent der Bevölkerung sind arbeitslos.

C1: Twenty percent of the population is unemployed.

C2: Das Buch enthält zwanzig Kapitel.

C2: The book contains twenty chapters.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, numbers are typically written as one word without spaces. "Zwanzig" is the word used to represent the quantity of twenty. It is derived from the Middle High German word "zwenzec", which means 'twenty'.

The number zwanzig is part of the decimal system used in Germany and many other countries. It comes after neunzehn (nineteen) and before einundzwanzig (twenty-one). Like other German numbers, zwanzig follows a regular pattern of construction, with the tens digit followed by the unit digit.

Knowing how to count in German is essential for everyday life, whether you're shopping, telling time, or simply having a conversation. Understanding the meaning and usage of "zwanzig" will help you navigate through various situations where numbers are involved.

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