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Zweite is a German adjective that means second in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: second

Das ist mein zweites Auto.

This is my second car.

Meaning: next

Kommst du zur nächsten Sitzung?

Are you coming to the next meeting?

Meaning: other

Ich möchte ein anderes Buch lesen.

I want to read another book.

Meaning: secondary

Er hat eine zweite Karriere begonnen.

He started a secondary career.

Meaning: additional

Kann ich noch eine zweite Tasse Kaffee haben?

Can I have an additional cup of coffee?


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A1: Das ist mein zweites Buch.

This is my second book.

A1: Ich habe zwei Schwestern. Die zweite Schwester heißt Lisa.

I have two sisters. The second sister is called Lisa.

A1: Der zweite Stock ist oben.

The second floor is upstairs.

B1: Er hat den zweiten Platz im Wettbewerb belegt.

He took the second place in the competition.

B1: Die zweite Hälfte des Films war spannender als die erste.

The second half of the movie was more exciting than the first.

B1: Meine Freundin und ich sind seit dem zweiten Semester zusammen.

My girlfriend and I have been together since the second semester.

C1: Die zweite Etappe der Tour de France führt durch die Alpen.

The second stage of the Tour de France goes through the Alps.

C1: Nachdem er den ersten Teil des Buches gelesen hatte, begann er mit dem zweiten.

After he finished reading the first part of the book, he started with the second.

C1: Im zweiten Weltkrieg fanden viele grausame Schlachten statt.

Many cruel battles took place during World War II.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, the word zweite is used to indicate the second item or position in a sequence. For example, if there are two cars parked outside, the one closest to the house would be referred to as das erste Auto (the first car) and the one furthest away would be called das zweite Auto (the second car).

The word zweite can also be used to describe something that comes after another thing. For instance, if someone says 'Ich habe eine zweite Idee' (I have a second idea), it means they have thought of another idea after already having had one.

It's important to note that the word zweite changes depending on the gender and case of the noun it is describing. For example, if you were describing a feminine noun in the accusative case, you would use 'zweite' but if it was masculine and in the dative case, you would use 'zweitem'.

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