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Meaning: something

Necesito algo de comida.

I need something to eat.

Meaning: anything

No tengo nada, ¿tienes algo?

I don't have anything, do you have anything?

Meaning: some

Dame algo de agua, por favor.

Give me some water, please.

Meaning: a little

Puedo comer algo de postre.

I can eat a little dessert.

Meaning: somewhat

El resultado fue algo decepcionante.

The result was somewhat disappointing.


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A1: Quiero algo de agua.

A1: I want some water.

A1: ¿Tienes algo para comer?

A1: Do you have something to eat?

A1: Necesito comprar algo en el supermercado.

A1: I need to buy something at the supermarket.

B1: No encontré nada interesante en la tienda.

B1: I didn't find anything interesting in the store.

B1: Siempre me gusta probar algo nuevo cuando viajo.

B1: I always like to try something new when I travel.

B1: ¿Puedes decirme algo sobre ti mismo?

B1: Can you tell me something about yourself?

C1: Me gustaría hacer algo diferente este fin de semana.

C1: I would like to do something different this weekend.

C1: No tengo ganas de hacer algo productivo hoy.

C1: I don't feel like doing something productive today.

C1: Espero que puedas encontrar algo que te haga feliz.

C1: I hope you can find something that makes you happy.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Spanish pronoun 'algo' means 'something' in English. It is an indefinite pronoun that is used to refer to an unspecified or unknown thing.

In Spanish, 'algo' can be used as a subject or an object pronoun. As a subject pronoun, it is often followed by a verb and indicates the existence or presence of something. For example, 'Algo está pasando' means 'Something is happening.' As an object pronoun, it is used to replace a direct object that is not specified. For instance, 'No veo nada, pero algo me llama la atención' translates to 'I don't see anything, but something catches my attention.'

It's important to note that 'algo' can also be used in expressions such as 'alguien algo sabe' (someone knows something) or 'algo así' (something like that). These expressions add emphasis or provide a vague description.

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