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Meaning: although

Aunque hace frío, saldré a correr.

Although it's cold, I will go for a run.

Meaning: even though

Aunque estudie mucho, no siempre saco buenas notas.

Even though I study a lot, I don't always get good grades.

Meaning: despite

Aunque llovió todo el día, disfrutamos de la excursión.

Despite the rain all day, we enjoyed the trip.

Meaning: though

No me gusta el café, aunque lo tomo de vez en cuando.

I don't like coffee, though I have it occasionally.

Meaning: while

Aunque tú trabajas, yo me divierto.

While you work, I have fun.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Aunque hace frío, salgo a pasear.

Even though it's cold, I go for a walk.

A2: Aunque estudia mucho, no aprueba los exámenes.

Even though he studies a lot, he doesn't pass the exams.

A2: Aunque es tarde, todavía podemos ver una película.

Even though it's late, we can still watch a movie.

B1: Aunque haya estudiado, no me siento preparado para el examen.

Even though I have studied, I don't feel prepared for the exam.

B2: Aunque había comido mucho, aún tenía hambre.

Even though I had eaten a lot, I was still hungry.

B2: Aunque estés cansado, debes terminar el trabajo.

Even though you are tired, you must finish the work.

C1: Aunque hubiera sabido la respuesta, no habría dicho nada.

Even if I had known the answer, I wouldn't have said anything.

C1: Aunque se lo pidas mil veces, él nunca cambiará de opinión.

Even if you ask him a thousand times, he will never change his mind.

C2: Aunque hayan pasado muchos años, aún recuerdo aquel día.

Even though many years have passed, I still remember that day.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'aunque' is a conjunction in Spanish that is used to express contrast or opposition. It is similar to the English word 'although' or 'even though'.

Aunque is often used to introduce a subordinate clause that presents an idea that contrasts with the main clause of the sentence. It indicates that despite the information in the main clause, the information in the subordinate clause is still true.

For example, in the sentence 'Aunque hace frío, saldré a pasear', aunque introduces the subordinate clause 'hace frío' (it's cold), which contrasts with the main clause 'saldré a pasear' (I will go for a walk). The use of aunque emphasizes the contrast between the two ideas.

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