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Meaning: almost

Casi llego tarde al trabajo.

I almost arrived late to work.

Meaning: nearly

Casi me caigo en la calle resbaladiza.

I nearly fell on the slippery street.

Meaning: practically

Casi no tengo tiempo para descansar.

I practically have no time to rest.

Meaning: virtually

Casi todos los estudiantes aprobaron el examen.

Virtually all the students passed the exam.

Meaning: barely

Casi no pude dormir anoche.

I barely slept last night.


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A1: Casi siempre voy al parque los domingos.

A1: I almost always go to the park on Sundays.

A1: Mi hermana casi nunca come verduras.

A1: My sister hardly ever eats vegetables.

A1: Llegué casi a tiempo para la reunión.

A1: I arrived almost on time for the meeting.

B1: Casi me caigo cuando resbalé en el hielo.

B1: I almost fell when I slipped on the ice.

B1: Casi siempre estudio antes de los exámenes.

B1: I almost always study before exams.

B1: Casi terminaba de leer el libro cuando me quedé dormido.

B1: I was almost finished reading the book when I fell asleep.

C1: Casi habría ganado la carrera si no me hubiera tropezado.

C1: I would have almost won the race if I hadn't tripped.

C1: Casi nadie se dio cuenta de su error.

C1: Almost nobody noticed his mistake.

C1: Casi había olvidado lo que iba a decirte.

C1: I had almost forgotten what I was going to tell you.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Spanish adverb 'casi' means 'almost' in English. It is used to indicate that something is very close to happening or being true, but not quite.

For example, if someone says 'casi llego', it means 'I almost arrived'. This implies that the person was very close to reaching their destination, but for some reason, they didn't quite make it.

In addition to indicating proximity or nearness, 'casi' can also be used to express approximation or estimation. For instance, if someone says 'cuesta casi diez dólares', it means 'it costs almost ten dollars'. This suggests that the price is very close to ten dollars, but not exactly.

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