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Meaning: near

Vivo cerca del parque.

I live near the park.

Meaning: close

La tienda está cerca de aquí.

The store is close by.

Meaning: around

Busca cerca de la estación de trenes.

Look around the train station.

Meaning: approximately

El evento comenzará cerca de las 8 p.m.

The event will start at approximately 8 p.m.


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A1: Vivo cerca de la playa.

A1: I live near the beach.

A1: El supermercado está cerca.

A1: The supermarket is close.

A1: Caminamos cerca del río.

A1: We walk near the river.

B1: La tienda está muy cerca de aquí.

B1: The store is very close to here.

B1: Me gustaría vivir más cerca del centro.

B1: I would like to live closer to downtown.

B1: Estoy buscando un hotel cerca de la estación de tren.

B1: I am looking for a hotel near the train station.

C1: Si te acercas demasiado, te quemarás.

C1: If you get too close, you will get burned.

C1: Quiero estar cerca de ti en los buenos y malos momentos.

C1: I want to be close to you in good times and bad times.

C1: A medida que nos acercábamos al final del camino, el paisaje se volvía más hermoso.

C1: As we got closer to the end of the road, the landscape became more beautiful.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Spanish adverb 'cerca' means 'near' in English. It is used to describe something that is close in distance or proximity.

When talking about physical locations, 'cerca' can be used to indicate that something is nearby or within a short distance. For example, you might say 'La tienda está cerca' which translates to 'The store is near'.

'Cerca' can also be used figuratively to express closeness in a non-physical sense. For instance, you could say 'Tenemos una relación muy cercana' which means 'We have a very close relationship'.

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