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Meaning: inside

El gato está dentro de la casa.

The cat is inside the house.

Meaning: within

El parque está dentro del vecindario.

The park is within the neighborhood.

Meaning: in

Vivo dentro de Madrid.

I live in Madrid.

Meaning: into

Ella entró dentro del edificio.

She entered into the building.

Meaning: during

Dentro de la reunión, se tomaron decisiones importantes.

During the meeting, important decisions were made.


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A1: Vivo dentro de una casa.

A1: I live inside a house.

A1: El gato está dentro de la caja.

A1: The cat is inside the box.

A1: Pon el libro dentro de la mochila.

A1: Put the book inside the backpack.

B1: Dentro de poco, iremos al cine.

B1: Soon, we will go to the cinema.

B1: Me gustaría vivir dentro de la ciudad.

B1: I would like to live inside the city.

B2: Dentro de dos semanas, comenzaré un nuevo trabajo.

B2: In two weeks, I will start a new job.

B2: Dentro de la reunión, se discutieron varios temas importantes.

B2: During the meeting, several important topics were discussed.

C1: Dentro del ámbito académico, es importante fomentar la investigación.

C1: Within the academic field, it is important to promote research.

C1: Dentro del contexto histórico, este evento tuvo un impacto significativo.

C1: Within the historical context, this event had a significant impact.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Spanish adverb 'dentro' means 'inside' in English. It is used to indicate that something or someone is located or contained within a particular space or area.

For example, if you say 'El libro está dentro de la mochila', it means 'The book is inside the backpack'. In this sentence, 'dentro' is used to convey the idea that the book is contained within the backpack.

It can also be used figuratively to express being mentally or emotionally 'inside' a certain state or feeling. For instance, if you say 'Estoy dentro de la situación', it translates to 'I am inside the situation' and implies that you are fully involved or immersed in the situation.

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