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Meaning: outside

Sal a jugar fuera.

Go play outside.

Meaning: out

Él está fuera de la oficina.

He is out of the office.

Meaning: away

Vete fuera de aquí.

Go away from here.

Meaning: beyond

Eso está fuera de mi alcance.

That is beyond my reach.

Meaning: except

Todos fueron, fuera él.

Everyone went, except him.


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A1: Estoy fuera de casa.

A1: I am outside the house.

A1: Salgo fuera a jugar.

A1: I go outside to play.

A1: El perro está fuera del jardín.

A1: The dog is outside the garden.

B1: Fuera de la ciudad, el aire es más limpio.

B1: Outside the city, the air is cleaner.

B1: Me gustaría irme de vacaciones fuera del país.

B1: I would like to go on vacation outside the country.

B1: Fuera de las horas punta, el tráfico es más fluido.

B1: Outside of rush hour, traffic flows better.

C1: Si no estás de acuerdo con nuestras políticas, estás fuera.

C1: If you don't agree with our policies, you're out.

C1: Fuera de toda duda, él es el mejor jugador del equipo.

C1: Beyond any doubt, he is the best player on the team.

C1: La empresa decidió llevar la producción fuera del país para reducir costos.

C1: The company decided to move production outside the country to reduce costs.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Spanish adverb 'fuera' means 'outside' in English. It is used to indicate a location or position that is not inside a particular place or area.

For example, if someone asks you where your cat is and you respond with 'Está fuera', it means that the cat is outside the house or any other enclosed space.

In addition to indicating physical location, 'fuera' can also be used figuratively to express being excluded or not included in a group or activity.

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