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"hacia" Spanish translation


hacia is a Spanish preposition that indicates movement or direction towards a specific place or person.

Part of speech



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Meaning: Towards

Camina hacia la puerta.

He walks towards the door.

Meaning: To

Voy hacia la tienda.

I'm going to the store.

Meaning: For

Trabaja hacia un mejor futuro.

He works for a better future.

Meaning: Around

Corre hacia el parque.

She runs around the park.

Meaning: Against

Lucha hacia la injusticia.

He fights against injustice.


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A1: Camina hacia la tienda.

Walk towards the store.

A1: El tren se dirige hacia el norte.

The train is heading north.

A1: Voy hacia casa.

I'm going home.

B1: Ella se inclinó hacia adelante para recoger el lápiz.

She leaned forward to pick up the pencil.

B1: Estamos trabajando hacia un objetivo común.

We are working towards a common goal.

B1: Hacia el final de la película, todo se resuelve.

Towards the end of the movie, everything gets resolved.

C1: La empresa está evolucionando hacia una estructura más plana.

The company is evolving towards a flatter structure.

C1: Hacia mediados del siglo XX, la tecnología había avanzado considerablemente.

By the mid-20th century, technology had advanced significantly.

C1: El país está encaminándose hacia una nueva era política.

The country is moving towards a new political era.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The preposition hacia is commonly used in Spanish to express the idea of moving or directing oneself towards a particular place or person. It can be translated into English as 'towards' or 'to'. For example, 'Voy hacia la playa' means 'I am going towards the beach', and 'Camina hacia mí' means 'Walk towards me'.

Hacia can also be used to indicate a general direction or orientation. In this sense, it can be translated as 'in the direction of' or 'facing'. For instance, 'La casa está hacia el norte' means 'The house is facing north', and 'El río fluye hacia el mar' means 'The river flows towards the sea'.

Additionally, hacia can convey the idea of an approximate time or period. It is often used with expressions like 'hacia el mediodía' (around noon) or 'hacia finales de mes' (towards the end of the month). This usage implies an approximation rather than an exact time.

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