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Meaning: very

Ella es muy inteligente.

She is very intelligent.

Meaning: much

Tengo mucho trabajo hoy.

I have a lot of work today.

Meaning: really

El libro es realmente interesante.

The book is really interesting.

Meaning: quite

La película es bastante larga.

The movie is quite long.

Meaning: extremely

Está haciendo un calor extremo hoy.

It's extremely hot today.


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A1: Estoy muy cansado.

A1: I am very tired.

A1: Ella es muy inteligente.

A1: She is very intelligent.

A1: El perro es muy grande.

A1: The dog is very big.

B1: Me gusta mucho leer libros.

B1: I really like reading books.

B1: Ayer comí una pizza muy deliciosa.

B1: Yesterday I ate a very delicious pizza.

B1: Mi hermana estudia francés muy bien.

B1: My sister studies French very well.

C1: Hace mucho tiempo que no veo a mi mejor amigo.

C1: It's been a long time since I last saw my best friend.

C1: La película fue muy emocionante y me hizo llorar.

C1: The movie was very exciting and made me cry.

C1: Necesito un coche nuevo porque el mío está muy viejo.

C1: I need a new car because mine is very old.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Spanish adverb 'muy' is used to indicate a high degree or intensity of something. It is equivalent to the English word 'very'.

Muy is commonly used to modify adjectives, verbs, and other adverbs to emphasize their meaning. For example, 'muy feliz' means 'very happy', 'muy rápido' means 'very fast', and 'muy bien' means 'very well'.

It is important to note that 'muy' does not change its form regardless of the gender or number of the noun it modifies. It remains the same for both masculine and feminine nouns, as well as singular and plural nouns.

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