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Meaning: nothing

No tengo nada que hacer hoy.

I have nothing to do today.

Meaning: anything

¿Necesitas algo? No, no necesito nada.

Do you need anything? No, I don't need anything.

Meaning: not at all

No me gusta nada el café.

I don't like coffee at all.

Meaning: something

Hay algo en esa caja. No, no hay nada.

There is something in that box. No, there is nothing.

Meaning: nowhere

No voy a ninguna parte. No salgo de casa para nada.

I'm not going anywhere. I don't leave the house for anything.


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A1: No quiero nada para cenar.

A1: I don't want anything for dinner.

A1: No tengo nada en mi bolsillo.

A1: I don't have anything in my pocket.

A2: No entiendo nada de lo que dices.

A2: I don't understand anything you're saying.

B1: No hice nada ayer porque estaba enfermo.

B1: I didn't do anything yesterday because I was sick.

B1: ¿Has oído algo sobre el nuevo proyecto?

B1: Have you heard anything about the new project?

B2: No he logrado hacer nada productivo hoy.

B2: I haven't managed to do anything productive today.

C1: Si no haces nada al respecto, las cosas solo empeorarán.

C1: If you don't do anything about it, things will only get worse.

C1: Me gustaría saber si hay algo más que pueda hacer para ayudar.

C1: I would like to know if there is anything else I can do to help.

C2: Después de todo lo que ha pasado, ya no me importa nada.

C2: After everything that has happened, I no longer care about anything.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Spanish pronoun 'nada' means 'nothing' in English. It is used to express the absence or lack of something.

In Spanish, 'nada' can be used as a subject, direct object, indirect object, or even as an adverb. It is often used in negative sentences or questions to indicate the absence of any quantity or quality.

For example, 'No veo nada' translates to 'I don't see anything', and '¿Necesitas algo?' - 'No, no necesito nada' means 'Do you need anything?' - 'No, I don't need anything'.

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