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Meaning: None

No tengo ninguno.

I don't have any.

Meaning: No one

Ninguno de ellos sabe la respuesta.

None of them knows the answer.

Meaning: Not any

No hay ninguno en la tienda.

There isn't any in the store.

Meaning: Neither

Ninguno de los dos equipos ganó el partido.

Neither of the two teams won the match.


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A1: No tengo ninguno.

A1: I don't have any.

A1: Ninguno de ellos habla español.

A1: None of them speak Spanish.

A1: ¿Tienes algún libro? No, no tengo ninguno.

A1: Do you have any books? No, I don't have any.

B1: Ninguno de los invitados llegó a tiempo.

B1: None of the guests arrived on time.

B1: Siempre hay alguno que no sigue las reglas, pero ninguno lo admite.

B1: There's always someone who doesn't follow the rules, but none of them admit it.

B1: Compré dos camisetas y ninguna me queda bien.

B1: I bought two t-shirts and neither of them fits me well.

C1: Ninguno de los candidatos ha presentado un plan viable.

C1: None of the candidates has presented a viable plan.

C1: A pesar de las críticas, ninguno de los jugadores abandonó el equipo.

C1: Despite the criticism, none of the players left the team.

C1: Ninguno de los testigos pudo identificar al sospechoso.

C1: None of the witnesses could identify the suspect.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word "ninguno" is a Spanish pronoun that means "none" or "not any". It is used to indicate the absence or lack of something.

In Spanish, "ninguno" agrees in gender and number with the noun it refers to. For example, if you are talking about a masculine singular noun, you would use "ninguno" as "ningún", while for a feminine singular noun, you would use "ninguna". If the noun is plural, you would use "ningunos" for masculine nouns and "ningunas" for feminine nouns.

It is important to note that "ninguno" can be used both as a subject and an object pronoun, and it can also be used with verbs in negative sentences.

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