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"poco" Spanish translation


a Spanish adverb meaning 'little' or 'few'

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Meaning: little

Tengo poco dinero.

I have little money.

Meaning: few

Hay poco tiempo para terminar el proyecto.

There is little time to finish the project.

Meaning: short

El libro es poco interesante.

The book is not very interesting.

Meaning: slightly

Estoy poco cansado.

I am slightly tired.

Meaning: scanty

Comí un poco de comida.

I ate a scanty amount of food.


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A1: Tengo poco dinero.

I have little money.

A1: Ella habla poco español.

She speaks little Spanish.

A1: Comí poco en el restaurante.

I ate little at the restaurant.

B1: Estoy un poco cansado después de trabajar todo el día.

I am a little tired after working all day.

B1: Necesito estudiar un poco más para el examen.

I need to study a little more for the exam.

B1: Hace poco que conocí a mi nuevo vecino.

I recently met my new neighbor.

C1: Me gustaría saber un poco más sobre la historia del país.

I would like to know a little more about the country's history.

C1: El libro me dejó pensando un poco sobre la vida y la muerte.

The book left me thinking a bit about life and death.

C1: Es importante tener un poco de paciencia cuando se aprende algo nuevo.

It is important to have a little patience when learning something new.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Spanish adverb 'poco' is commonly used to indicate a small amount or quantity of something. It can be translated into English as 'little' or 'few'. For example, if someone asks you how much time you have, you can respond with 'poco', meaning that you have only a little time available.

In addition to indicating a small amount, 'poco' can also express a lack of something. For instance, if someone says 'hablo poco inglés', it means that they speak little English or have limited proficiency in the language.

Furthermore, 'poco' can be used to describe an action done briefly or for a short period of time. If someone says 'trabajé poco hoy', it means that they worked little today or didn't work much.

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