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Part of speech



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Meaning: First person singular pronoun

Yo voy a la tienda.

I go to the store.

Meaning: Emphatic pronoun

Yo mismo lo hice.

I did it myself.

Meaning: Subject of a sentence for emphasis or contrast

Yo no quiero ir, pero tú sí.

I don't want to go, but you do.


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A1: Yo vivo en España.

A1: I live in Spain.

A1: Yo tengo un perro.

A1: I have a dog.

A1: Yo estudio español.

A1: I study Spanish.

B1: Yo fui al cine ayer.

B1: I went to the cinema yesterday.

B1: Yo he comido sushi muchas veces.

B1: I have eaten sushi many times.

B1: Yo estaré en casa mañana.

B1: I will be at home tomorrow.

C1: Yo había viajado por todo el mundo antes de establecerme en este país.

C1: I had traveled around the world before settling in this country.

C1: Yo habría preferido ir a la playa en lugar de quedarme en casa.

C1: I would have preferred to go to the beach instead of staying at home.

C1: Yo habré terminado mi tesis para finales de mes.

C1: I will have finished my thesis by the end of the month.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'yo' is a pronoun in Spanish that means 'I' in English. It is used to refer to oneself as the subject of a sentence or clause.

In Spanish, the pronoun 'yo' is always capitalized and can be used to express personal identity, thoughts, feelings, or actions. It is commonly used when talking about one's preferences, experiences, or opinions.

For example, in the sentence 'Yo vivo en Madrid' (I live in Madrid), 'yo' is used to indicate that the speaker is the one who lives in Madrid.

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