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Acqua is an Italian noun that translates to water in English. It refers to the clear, colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid that is essential for most forms of life on earth.

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Meaning: water (liquid)

Mi piace bere acqua fresca.

I like to drink fresh water.

Meaning: water (in general)

L'acqua è essenziale per la vita.

Water is essential for life.

Meaning: water (as a natural resource)

La regione ha una grande quantità di acqua potabile.

The region has a large amount of drinking water.

Meaning: water (for cleaning or washing)

Ho bisogno di acqua calda per lavare i piatti.

I need hot water to wash the dishes.

Meaning: water (in a body of water)

Mi piace nuotare nell'acqua del mare.

I like swimming in the sea water.


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A1: L'acqua è fresca.

The water is cold.

A1: Bevo acqua ogni giorno.

I drink water every day.

A1: L'acqua è importante per la vita.

Water is important for life.

B1: Ho comprato una bottiglia d'acqua al supermercato.

I bought a bottle of water at the supermarket.

B1: Mia madre sta bollendo l'acqua per preparare la pasta.

My mother is boiling the water to cook the pasta.

B1: Dopo aver bevuto l'acqua, mi sono sentito meglio.

After drinking the water, I felt better.

C1: Se non piove, l'acqua diventa un bene prezioso nel deserto.

If it doesn't rain, water becomes a precious resource in the desert.

C1: L'acqua del fiume era così limpida che si potevano vedere i pesci nuotare.

The river water was so clear that you could see the fish swimming.

C1: Dopo il terremoto, molte persone hanno dovuto fare affidamento sui camion cisterna per avere acqua potabile.

After the earthquake, many people had to rely on tanker trucks to have drinking water.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, acqua is a precious resource due to its scarcity in some regions. The country has a long history of managing water resources and implementing policies to ensure access to clean drinking water for all citizens. In fact, Italy was one of the first countries in Europe to introduce legislation on water protection and management in the 1970s.

Acqua plays a significant role in Italian culture and cuisine. Italians are known for their love of sparkling water, which they often drink with meals or as an aperitif. Acqua minerale (mineral water) is also popular and comes from natural springs throughout the country. Additionally, many Italian dishes rely on high-quality water for cooking, such as pasta and risotto.

From a scientific perspective, acqua is a fascinating substance. It has unique properties that make it essential for life, including its ability to dissolve many substances, its high heat capacity, and its surface tension. Water also exists in various states, such as solid (ice), liquid (water), and gas (steam), making it a versatile substance with many practical applications.

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