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Albero is an Italian noun that translates to 'tree' in English.

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Meaning: tree

L'albero ha molte foglie verdi.

The tree has many green leaves.

Meaning: mast

L'albero della nave era alto e robusto.

The mast of the ship was tall and sturdy.

Meaning: beam

Ho bisogno di un albero di legno per costruire una struttura.

I need a wooden beam to build a structure.

Meaning: family tree

Stiamo cercando di tracciare l'albero genealogico della nostra famiglia.

We're trying to trace our family tree.


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A1: L'albero è alto.

The tree is tall.

A2: Ho visto un albero nel parco.

I saw a tree in the park.

A2: L'albero ha molte foglie.

The tree has many leaves.

B1: L'albero che ho piantato l'anno scorso sta crescendo bene.

The tree I planted last year is growing well.

B2: Se non avessimo potato l'albero, sarebbe morto.

If we hadn't pruned the tree, it would have died.

B2: Questo tipo di albero fiorisce in primavera.

This type of tree blooms in spring.

C1: L'albero secolare era stato testimone di molte vicende storiche del paese.

The centuries-old tree had witnessed many historical events in the country.

C2: Dopo la tempesta, l'albero era stato sradicato e giaceva sulla strada bloccando il traffico.

After the storm, the tree had been uprooted and lay on the road blocking traffic.

C2: L'albero genealogico della famiglia risaliva fino al XVIII secolo.

The family tree dated back to the 18th century.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, trees are a common sight and play an important role in the country's culture and history. The albero, or tree, is no exception. From the towering cypress trees that line the roads of Tuscany to the olive groves of Puglia, trees are deeply ingrained in Italian life.

The albero is not only valued for its beauty but also for its practical uses. In rural areas, trees provide shade for farmers and their livestock during hot summer months. They also serve as a source of wood for building and heating homes. In addition, many Italian dishes feature ingredients from trees such as olives, lemons, and chestnuts.

Furthermore, the albero has played a significant role in Italian art and literature. From Dante's Divine Comedy to Leonardo da Vinci's sketches of plants and trees, Italian artists have long been inspired by the natural beauty of their country. Today, visitors can still see stunning examples of tree-inspired art and architecture throughout Italy.

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