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Meaning: nutrition

L'alimentazione corretta è fondamentale per mantenere una buona salute.

Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining good health.

Meaning: feeding

L'alimentazione degli animali selvatici avviene principalmente attraverso la caccia.

Feeding of wild animals mainly occurs through hunting.

Meaning: diet

Ho iniziato una nuova alimentazione per perdere peso.

I started a new diet to lose weight.


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A1: L'alimentazione è importante per la salute.

A1: Nutrition is important for health.

A1: Mangiare frutta e verdura fa parte di una corretta alimentazione.

A1: Eating fruits and vegetables is part of a balanced diet.

A1: Dovresti fare attenzione all'alimentazione se vuoi perdere peso.

A1: You should pay attention to your diet if you want to lose weight.

B1: Una corretta alimentazione può aiutare a prevenire malattie cardiovascolari.

B1: A proper nutrition can help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

B1: È consigliabile seguire una dieta equilibrata per mantenere un buon stato di salute.

B1: It is advisable to follow a balanced diet to maintain good health.

B1: La mia alimentazione si basa principalmente su cibi biologici.

B1: My diet is mainly based on organic food.

C1: Gli esperti raccomandano di adottare un'alimentazione ricca di fibre per migliorare la digestione.

C1: Experts recommend adopting a fiber-rich diet to improve digestion.

C1: L'alimentazione svolge un ruolo fondamentale nel mantenimento del peso corporeo.

C1: Nutrition plays a fundamental role in maintaining body weight.

C1: La corretta alimentazione è essenziale per il benessere fisico e mentale.

C1: Proper nutrition is essential for physical and mental well-being.

Advanced Description

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The noun "alimentazione" in Italian refers to the act or process of providing nourishment or sustenance to the body. It encompasses all aspects related to food and nutrition, including the selection, preparation, and consumption of food.

In Italy, where food is an integral part of the culture, alimentazione plays a significant role in daily life. Italians take pride in their traditional cuisine, which emphasizes fresh, high-quality ingredients and simple cooking techniques. The Mediterranean diet, known for its health benefits, is often associated with Italian alimentazione.

Alimentazione also extends beyond individual dietary choices and has broader implications for public health and environmental sustainability. It involves considerations such as food security, food safety regulations, sustainable agriculture practices, and the impact of food production on climate change.

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