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Alto is an Italian adjective that means tall or high.

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Meaning: tall

Luca è alto.

Luca is tall.

Meaning: high

L'aereo vola alto nel cielo.

The plane flies high in the sky.

Meaning: loud

Il volume della musica è troppo alto.

The volume of the music is too loud.

Meaning: upper

L'alto livello di competenza richiesto per il lavoro.

The high level of competence required for the job.


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A1: Ho un amico alto.

A1: I have a tall friend.

A1: La montagna è molto alta.

A1: The mountain is very high.

A1: La sedia è troppo alta per me.

A1: The chair is too tall for me.

B1: Il ragazzo alto che ho visto ieri era mio cugino.

B1: The tall boy I saw yesterday was my cousin.

B1: Mia sorella ha comprato una macchina nuova e alta.

B1: My sister bought a new and tall car.

B2: L'aereo volava ad un'altezza incredibile.

B2: The airplane was flying at an incredible height.

B2: La torre di Pisa è famosa per la sua inclinazione verso l'alto.

B2: The Leaning Tower of Pisa is famous for its upward inclination.

C1: Sono rimasto impressionato dalla sua voce alta e potente.

C1: I was impressed by his loud and powerful voice.

C1: L'atleta ha saltato in alto durante la gara di salto in lungo.

C1: The athlete jumped high during the long jump competition.

C2: La temperatura è salita alle altezze record durante l'estate.

C2: The temperature reached record highs during the summer.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, alto is used to describe something that has a considerable height or elevation. For example, a mountain can be described as alto because it is tall and rises above the surrounding landscape. Similarly, a building can be described as alto if it has many floors and is taller than other buildings in the area.

The word alto can also be used to describe people who are tall in stature. In this context, it is often used to describe men who are taller than average. For instance, a basketball player may be referred to as alto because of his height.

In music, alto refers to a vocal range that is lower than soprano but higher than tenor. It is also used to describe a type of instrument, such as an alto saxophone, which produces sounds in this range. This usage of the word comes from the Latin word altus, which means high or deep.

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