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Amico is an Italian noun which translates to 'friend' in English. It refers to a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, trust, and support.

Part of speech





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Meaning: friend

Marco è il mio amico.

Marco is my friend.

Meaning: buddy

Andiamo a fare una birra, amico!

Let's go grab a beer, buddy!

Meaning: comrade

Siamo stati compagni di classe per anni.

We were classmates for years.

Meaning: pal

Vieni al cinema con noi, vecchio amico?

Are you coming to the movies with us, old pal?

Meaning: mate

Sono andato a pescare con i miei amici.

I went fishing with my mates.


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A1: Il mio amico si chiama Marco.

My friend's name is Marco.

A1: Ho un amico che abita in Italia.

I have a friend who lives in Italy.

A1: Oggi ho incontrato il mio amico al parco.

Today I met my friend at the park.

B1: I miei amici mi hanno invitato a cena.

My friends invited me to dinner.

B1: Sono andato a trovare il mio amico ieri sera.

I went to visit my friend last night.

B1: La mia migliore amica ha appena avuto un bambino.

My best friend just had a baby.

C1: L'amico di mio padre è un famoso scrittore.

My father's friend is a famous writer.

C1: Durante le vacanze, ho fatto un viaggio con i miei amici in montagna.

During the holidays, I took a trip to the mountains with my friends.

C1: La mia amica di infanzia è diventata una dottoressa molto rispettata.

My childhood friend has become a highly respected doctor.

Advanced Description

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In Italian culture, friendship is highly valued and amico is a term used to describe both close friends and acquaintances. Italians are known for their warm and welcoming nature, and they often form strong bonds with those they meet.

The concept of amico goes beyond just socializing or spending time together. It involves a deep sense of loyalty, understanding, and empathy towards the other person. In fact, it is not uncommon for Italians to refer to their closest friends as fratelli (brothers) or sorelle (sisters).

Overall, amico is a word that represents the importance of human connection and relationships in Italian culture. Whether it's sharing a meal, going on a trip together, or simply having a conversation over coffee, the bond between amici is something that is cherished and celebrated.

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