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Meaning: duck (animal)

L'anatra nuota nel lago.

The duck is swimming in the lake.

Meaning: duck (culinary)

Ho ordinato un piatto di anatra arrosto.

I ordered a dish of roasted duck.

Meaning: duck (cricket)

Il lanciatore ha fatto una palla ad anatra.

The bowler delivered a duck ball.


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L'anatra è un uccello acquatico.

The duck is a water bird.

Mi piace mangiare l'anatra arrosto.

I like to eat roast duck.

Ho visto un' anatra nel parco oggi.

I saw a duck in the park today.

Le anatre volano verso sud durante l'inverno.

Ducks fly south during the winter.

Stamattina ho dato da mangiare alle anatre nel laghetto.

This morning I fed the ducks in the pond.

Le anatre stavano nuotando tranquillamente nel fiume.

The ducks were swimming peacefully in the river.

Le anatre avevano costruito il loro nido vicino al lago.

The ducks had built their nest near the lake.

Se continui a dare da mangiare alle anatre, diventeranno dipendenti da te.

If you keep feeding the ducks, they will become dependent on you.

Quando ero bambino, andavo spesso a cacciare le anatre con mio padre.

When I was a child, I used to go duck hunting with my father.

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Anatra is the Italian word for 'duck'. It refers to a waterbird that belongs to the Anatidae family. Ducks are known for their webbed feet, broad bills, and short necks. They are commonly found in both freshwater and saltwater habitats, such as lakes, rivers, ponds, and coastal areas.

Ducks have a variety of species, including mallards, teals, and wood ducks. They are popular for their meat, eggs, and feathers. Ducks are also admired for their ability to swim gracefully on water and fly in the air. They are often depicted in art, literature, and folklore as symbols of beauty, freedom, and adaptability.

In Italy, anatra is a common ingredient in many traditional dishes. Roast duck with crispy skin is a popular delicacy during festive occasions. Duck ragù is a flavorful sauce made from slow-cooked duck meat, tomatoes, and aromatic herbs. Anatra all'arancia is another classic Italian dish that combines roasted duck with orange sauce. These culinary creations showcase the versatility and rich flavor of anatra.

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