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Anche is an Italian adverb that means 'also' or 'too'. It is used to add information or to indicate that something else is true in addition to what has already been said.

Part of speech



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Meaning: also

Mi piace la pizza, ma anche la pasta.

I like pizza, but also pasta.

Meaning: even

Ho studiato molto, ma non ho ancora capito tutto.

I studied a lot, but I still haven't understood everything.

Meaning: too

Voglio venire anche io alla festa.

I want to come to the party too.

Meaning: still

Non hai ancora finito il tuo compito? Anch'io!

You haven't finished your homework yet? Neither have I!

Meaning: yet

Non ho ancora deciso se andare o meno.

I haven't decided yet whether to go or not.


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A1: Anche io voglio andare al parco.

A1: I also want to go to the park.

A1: Ho comprato anche il pane.

A1: I also bought the bread.

A1: Anche tu sei stanco?

A1: Are you tired too?

B1: Ho studiato molto, ma non ho ottenuto un buon voto. Mi sento deluso anche se mi sono impegnato tanto.

B1: I studied a lot, but I didn't get a good grade. I feel disappointed even though I worked hard.

B1: Sono andato al supermercato e ho comprato anche la frutta fresca.

B1: I went to the supermarket and bought fresh fruit as well.

B1: Anche se pioveva, siamo usciti per fare una passeggiata.

B1: Even though it was raining, we went out for a walk.

C1: Non solo ha completato il progetto in anticipo, ma l'ha anche migliorato notevolmente.

C1: Not only did he finish the project ahead of time, but he also significantly improved it.

C1: Anche se era esausto dopo la gara, ha continuato a festeggiare con i suoi amici.

C1: Even though he was exhausted after the race, he continued to celebrate with his friends.

C1: Anche se aveva paura di volare, ha deciso di affrontare la sua fobia e prendere l'aereo per la prima volta.

C1: Even though he was afraid of flying, he decided to confront his phobia and take the plane for the first time.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Anche is a very common word in Italian and can be used in various contexts. It is often used to add more information to a sentence, similar to the English word 'also'. For example, 'Mi piace la pizza, anche il gelato' means 'I like pizza, also ice cream.'

Anche can also be used to indicate agreement with a previous statement. For example, if someone says 'Mi piace il calcio' (I like soccer), you could respond with 'Anche io!' (Me too!).

In some cases, anche can be used to express surprise or disbelief. For example, if someone tells you they are going on vacation for three months, you might respond with 'Anche?' (Really?).

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