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Animale is an Italian noun that translates to 'animal' in English. It refers to any living organism that is not a plant and has the ability to move independently.

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Meaning: animal

L'animale selvatico è scappato dallo zoo.

The wild animal escaped from the zoo.

Meaning: creature

L'animale marino vive negli oceani profondi.

The marine creature lives in the deep oceans.

Meaning: beast

Quel grande animale è un vero e proprio mostro!

That big beast is a real monster!

Meaning: pet

Il mio animale domestico preferito è il cane.

My favorite pet is the dog.

Meaning: brute

L'animale umano può essere molto crudele.

The human brute can be very cruel.


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A1: L'animale è un cane.

The animal is a dog.

A2: Gli animali vivono nella foresta.

Animals live in the forest.

A2: Ho visto un animale strano nel parco.

I saw a strange animal in the park.

B1: Gli animali domestici sono molto affettuosi.

Pets are very affectionate.

B1: I bambini stavano guardando gli animali nello zoo.

The children were watching the animals at the zoo.

B2: Mia sorella ha adottato un animale randagio.

My sister adopted a stray animal.

C1: Gli animali selvatici sono protetti dalla legge.

Wild animals are protected by law.

C1: La ricerca scientifica sta studiando il comportamento degli animali marini.

Scientific research is studying the behavior of marine animals.

C2: La deforestazione sta mettendo in pericolo molte specie di animali.

Deforestation is endangering many species of animals.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, animale is a broad term that encompasses all members of the animal kingdom, from tiny insects to large mammals. The word comes from the Latin 'animalis', which means 'having breath or soul'.

Animals play an important role in human society, both as companions and as sources of food, clothing, and other materials. They also have significant cultural and symbolic meanings in many cultures around the world.

The study of animals is known as zoology, and it encompasses a wide range of topics including animal behavior, physiology, ecology, and evolution. Understanding the biology and behavior of animals is crucial for conservation efforts and for maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems.

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