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Meaning: apartment

Ho appena comprato un nuovo appartamento.

I just bought a new apartment.

Meaning: flat

Il mio amico vive in un piccolo appartamento al centro della città.

My friend lives in a small flat in the city center.

Meaning: dwelling

L'appartamento di mia nonna è molto accogliente.

My grandmother's dwelling is very cozy.

Meaning: residence

L'appartamento del presidente si trova nel palazzo presidenziale.

The president's residence is located in the presidential palace.


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A1: Ho un appartamento in città.

A1: I have an apartment in the city.

A1: L'appartamento è molto piccolo.

A1: The apartment is very small.

A1: Il mio amico vive in un appartamento al quarto piano.

A1: My friend lives in an apartment on the fourth floor.

B1: Sto cercando un nuovo appartamento da affittare.

B1: I am looking for a new apartment to rent.

B1: Abbiamo comprato un appartamento vicino al mare l'anno scorso.

B1: We bought an apartment near the sea last year.

B2: Quando ero giovane, ho vissuto in un appartamento condiviso con altri studenti.

B2: When I was young, I lived in a shared apartment with other students.

C1: Ho appena ristrutturato il mio appartamento e ora è bellissimo.

C1: I have just renovated my apartment and now it's beautiful.

C1: Vorrei vendere il mio appartamento e comprarne uno più grande.

C1: I would like to sell my apartment and buy a bigger one.

C2: Dopo aver lavorato duramente per anni, finalmente ho potuto permettermi di comprare un lussuoso appartamento nel centro della città.

C2: After working hard for years, I finally could afford to buy a luxurious apartment in the city center.

Advanced Description

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The word 'appartamento' is an Italian noun that translates to 'apartment' in English. It refers to a self-contained living unit within a larger building, typically with its own entrance and facilities.

In Italy, apartments are a common type of housing, especially in urban areas. They can vary in size and layout, ranging from small studio apartments to larger multi-bedroom units. Apartments are often rented or owned by individuals or families as their primary residence.

Appartamenti can be found in various types of buildings, such as residential complexes, high-rise towers, or historic buildings. They may offer amenities like elevators, balconies, parking spaces, and communal areas. The term 'appartamento' is widely used throughout Italy to describe this type of dwelling.

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