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"arrivare" Italian translation




to arrive

Part of speech



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Meaning: to arrive

Sono appena arrivato a casa.

I just arrived home.

Meaning: to come

Arriverò presto da te.

I will come to you soon.

Meaning: to reach

Non riesco ad arrivare alla cima della montagna.

I can't reach the top of the mountain.

Meaning: to achieve

Ha lavorato duramente per arrivare al successo.

He worked hard to achieve success.

Meaning: to happen

È arrivato un incidente sulla strada principale.

An accident happened on the main road.



  • arrivo
  • arrivi
  • arriva
  • arriviamo
  • arrivate
  • arrivano


  • sono arrivato
  • sei arrivato
  • è arrivato
  • siamo arrivati
  • siete arrivati
  • sono arrivati


  • arriverò
  • arriverai
  • arriverà
  • arriveremo
  • arriverete
  • arriveranno


  • ero arrivato
  • eri arrivato
  • era arrivato
  • eravamo arrivati
  • eravate arrivati
  • erano arrivati

Simple Past

  • arrivai
  • arrivasti
  • arrivò
  • arrivammo
  • arrivaste
  • arrivarono


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A1: Arrivo a casa alle sei di sera.

A1: I arrive home at six in the evening.

A2: Oggi arrivi tardi al lavoro.

A2: Today you arrive late to work.

A2: Loro arrivano domani mattina.

A2: They arrive tomorrow morning.

B1: Spero che tu sia arrivato in tempo per la riunione.

B1: I hope you arrived on time for the meeting.

B2: Quando sarai arrivato, fammi sapere.

B2: When you have arrived, let me know.

B2: Se avessi studiato di più, sarei arrivato primo all'esame.

B2: If I had studied more, I would have arrived first in the exam.

C1: Dopo aver viaggiato per ore, finalmente siamo arrivati a destinazione.

C1: After traveling for hours, we finally arrived at our destination.

C1: Non riesco a credere che sia già arrivato il mio compleanno.

C1: I can't believe my birthday has already arrived.

C2: Una volta che sarai arrivato al successo, ricorda sempre da dove sei partito.

C2: Once you have achieved success, always remember where you started from.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian verb 'arrivare' means 'to arrive' in English. It is a regular verb that belongs to the first conjugation group, ending in '-are'.

When using 'arrivare', it is important to note that it is an intransitive verb, which means it does not require a direct object. It is often used to indicate the action of reaching a destination or coming to a certain place.

For example, you can say 'Sono arrivato/a a casa' which translates to 'I arrived at home'. In this sentence, 'arrivato/a' agrees with the gender and number of the subject.

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