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Meaning: elevator

Prendo sempre l'ascensore per salire al mio ufficio.

I always take the elevator to go up to my office.

Meaning: lift

L'ascensore si è bloccato tra due piani.

The lift got stuck between two floors.

Meaning: hoist

Hanno utilizzato un ascensore per sollevare i materiali pesanti.

They used a hoist to lift the heavy materials.


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L'ascensore è rotto, dobbiamo prendere le scale.

The elevator is broken, we have to take the stairs.

Mi piace guardare fuori dalla finestra dell'ascensore durante la salita.

I like looking out of the elevator window during the ascent.

L'ascensore si è fermato al piano sbagliato.

The elevator stopped at the wrong floor.

Ho preso l'ascensore per arrivare al mio ufficio.

I took the elevator to get to my office.

Quando arriverà l'ascensore?

When will the elevator arrive?

Sei mai rimasto bloccato in un ascensore?

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?

L'ascensore si era appena aperto quando ho visto il ladro scappare.

The elevator had just opened when I saw the thief running away.

Spero che l'ascensore sia stato riparato prima del nostro arrivo.

I hope the elevator has been fixed before our arrival.

Dopo aver premuto il pulsante, l'ascensore si è chiuso lentamente.

After pressing the button, the elevator closed slowly.

Advanced Description

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The word "ascensore" is an Italian noun that translates to "elevator" in English. It refers to a mechanical device used for vertical transportation within a building, typically consisting of a cabin or platform that moves up and down along a shaft.

In Italy, like in many other countries, elevators are commonly found in multi-story buildings such as offices, residential complexes, hotels, and shopping malls. They provide a convenient means of transportation for people and goods between different floors, especially for those with mobility issues or heavy loads.

Ascensori can be operated manually or automatically and are equipped with various safety features to ensure the well-being of passengers. They play a crucial role in modern urban infrastructure, making it easier for individuals to navigate tall buildings efficiently and comfortably.

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