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"atto" Italian translation


an act


Atto is an Italian noun that translates to 'act' or 'deed' in English.

Part of speech





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Meaning: action

L'atto di aprire la porta richiede una chiave.

The action of opening the door requires a key.

Meaning: act (in a play or performance)

La sua interpretazione dell'atto finale è stata eccezionale.

His performance in the final act was exceptional.

Meaning: deed

Ha compiuto un atto di generosità donando tutto il suo stipendio.

He performed an act of generosity by donating his entire salary.

Meaning: law

L'atto di accusa è stato presentato al tribunale.

The indictment has been presented to the court.

Meaning: document

Ho firmato l'atto di proprietà della casa.

I signed the deed of ownership for the house.


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A1: Ho firmato un atto di consegna.

A1: I signed a delivery document.

A1: L'atto di gentilezza mi ha sorpreso.

A1: The act of kindness surprised me.

A1: Voglio fare un atto di generosità.

A1: I want to perform an act of generosity.

B1: Gli atti vandalici sono aumentati negli ultimi mesi.

B1: Acts of vandalism have increased in the last months.

B1: Hanno presentato l'atto di accusa al tribunale.

B1: They submitted the indictment to the court.

B2: Dopo aver letto l'atto notarile, ho firmato il contratto.

B2: After reading the notarial deed, I signed the contract.

B2: Il governo sta preparando un nuovo atto legislativo.

B2: The government is preparing a new legislative act.

C1: L'atto di corruzione è stato scoperto grazie alle indagini della polizia.

C1: The act of corruption was discovered thanks to the police investigation.

C1: La firma dell'atto costituisce una prova legale del consenso delle parti.

C1: The signature on the deed constitutes legal evidence of the parties' consent.

C2: L'atto terroristico ha scosso profondamente il paese.

C2: The terrorist act deeply shook the country.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, atto refers to a specific action or event that has taken place. It can be used in legal contexts to refer to a formal document or contract, such as an atto di vendita (deed of sale) for a property. Atto can also refer to a performance or show, such as an atto unico (one-act play) in theater.

The word atto is often used in everyday language to describe any type of action or behavior, whether positive or negative. For example, someone might say 'ha fatto un atto gentile' (he did a kind act) or 'è stato un atto di violenza' (it was an act of violence).

It's important to note that the plural form of atto, atti, is commonly used in legal and administrative contexts in Italy. For example, a collection of official documents might be referred to as gli atti del processo (the documents of the trial).

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