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Attraversare is an Italian verb that means to cross or go through something, such as a street, a bridge, or a tunnel.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to cross

Ho attraversato la strada.

I crossed the street.

Meaning: to go through

Devi attraversare il parco per arrivare alla stazione.

You have to go through the park to get to the station.

Meaning: to pass through

Il fiume attraversa la città.

The river passes through the city.

Meaning: to traverse

L'alpinista ha attraversato la montagna in solitaria.

The mountaineer traversed the mountain alone.



  • io attraverso
  • tu attraversi
  • egli/ella attraversa
  • noi attraversiamo
  • voi attraversate
  • essi/esse attraversano


  • io ho attraversato
  • tu hai attraversato
  • egli/ella ha attraversato
  • noi abbiamo attraversato
  • voi avete attraversato
  • essi/esse hanno attraversato


  • io attraverserò
  • tu attraverserai
  • egli/ella attraverserà
  • noi attraverseremo
  • voi attraverserete
  • essi/esse attraverseranno


  • io avevo attraversato
  • tu avevi attraversato
  • egli/ella aveva attraversato
  • noi avevamo attraversato
  • voi avevate attraversato
  • essi/esse avevano attraversato

Simple Past

  • io attraversai
  • tu attraversasti
  • egli/ella attraversò
  • noi attraversammo
  • voi attraversaste
  • essi/esse attraversarono


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A1: Ho attraversato la strada.

I crossed the street.

A2: Attraversiamo il fiume insieme.

Let's cross the river together.

A2: Non attraversare la strada senza guardare prima.

Don't cross the street without looking first.

B1: Sto attraversando il ponte quando sento un forte rumore.

I am crossing the bridge when I hear a loud noise.

B2: Avevo appena attraversato la piazza quando ho visto un'amica.

I had just crossed the square when I saw a friend.

B2: Attraverseremo l'oceano in barca a vela.

We will cross the ocean by sailboat.

C1: Dopo aver attraversato il deserto, siamo finalmente arrivati alla meta.

After crossing the desert, we finally reached our destination.

C2: Se avessi attraversato la strada un secondo dopo, sarei stato investito dall'auto.

If I had crossed the street one second later, I would have been hit by the car.

C2: L'attraversamento del confine è stato difficile a causa delle restrizioni imposte dal governo.

Crossing the border was difficult due to government-imposed restrictions.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italian, attraversare is a common and versatile verb that can be used in many different contexts. Its most basic meaning is to cross or go through something, whether it's a physical obstacle like a river or a road, or a more abstract concept like a difficult period in life. For example, you might say 'Ho attraversato la strada' (I crossed the street) or 'Sto attraversando un momento difficile' (I'm going through a difficult time).

Attraversare can also be used in more figurative ways. For instance, you might use it to describe the act of overcoming an obstacle or challenge. In this sense, it can be translated as 'to get through' or 'to overcome'. For example, you might say 'Siamo riusciti ad attraversare la crisi economica' (We managed to get through the economic crisis).

Finally, attraversare can also be used reflexively, as in 'attraversarsi', which means to intersect or cross each other. This usage is often seen in mathematical or scientific contexts, where lines or paths might intersect. For example, you might say 'Le due linee si attraversano nel punto A' (The two lines intersect at point A).

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