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Meaning: notice

Ho ricevuto un avviso dal mio capo.

I received a notice from my boss.

Meaning: warning

L'avviso di pericolo era ben visibile.

The warning sign was clearly visible.

Meaning: advice

Mi ha dato un buon avviso su come risparmiare denaro.

He gave me good advice on how to save money.

Meaning: notification

Ho appena ricevuto un avviso sul mio telefono.

I just received a notification on my phone.


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A1: Ho ricevuto un avviso dal mio insegnante.

A1: I received a notice from my teacher.

A1: L'avviso di scuola è stato inviato ai genitori.

A1: The school notice was sent to the parents.

A1: Hai letto l'avviso sulla porta?

A1: Have you read the notice on the door?

B1: L'avviso importante sarà pubblicato domani mattina.

B1: The important notice will be published tomorrow morning.

B1: Mi hanno dato l'avviso che la riunione è stata cancellata.

B1: They gave me the notice that the meeting has been canceled.

B2: Se non rispetti l'avviso, potresti essere multato.

B2: If you don't comply with the notice, you could be fined.

C1: L'avviso ufficiale verrà emesso dopo l'approvazione del consiglio.

C1: The official notice will be issued after the council's approval.

C1: È necessario dare un preavviso di almeno due settimane per annullare la prenotazione.

C1: It is necessary to give a notice of at least two weeks to cancel the reservation.

C2: L'avviso di evacuazione è stato emesso a causa dell'allarme incendio.

C2: The evacuation notice was issued due to the fire alarm.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'avviso' in Italian translates to 'notice' in English. It refers to a written or printed announcement that provides information or instructions to people.

Avvisi can be found in various contexts such as public places, workplaces, schools, and government offices. They are commonly used to communicate important news, updates, warnings, or reminders to a specific audience.

Avvisi can also be sent electronically via email or displayed on websites. They play a crucial role in ensuring effective communication and keeping individuals informed about relevant matters.

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