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A 'bar' is a place where alcoholic beverages are served and consumed. It is typically a social gathering spot where people can relax, socialize, and enjoy drinks.

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Meaning: place where alcoholic beverages are served

Andiamo al bar per prendere un caffè.

Let's go to the bar to get a coffee.

Meaning: long, narrow piece of solid material

Ho comprato un bar di cioccolato al latte.

I bought a milk chocolate bar.

Meaning: unit of pressure

La pressione degli pneumatici è di 2.5 bar.

The tire pressure is 2.5 bars.

Meaning: legal profession

Mio padre è avvocato di barra.

My father is a barrister.

Meaning: horizontal line on a graph

Il grafico mostra una crescita costante nel periodo considerato.

The graph shows a constant growth in the given period.


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A1: Il bar è aperto fino a tardi.

The bar is open late.

A1: Vorrei un caffè al bar, per favore.

I would like a coffee at the bar, please.

A1: Ho incontrato Marco al bar ieri sera.

I met Marco at the bar last night.

B1: Vado spesso al bar con i miei amici dopo il lavoro.

I often go to the bar with my friends after work.

B1: Ieri ho bevuto un cocktail al bar del mio hotel.

Yesterday I had a cocktail at the bar of my hotel.

B1: Quando ero giovane, lavoravo come barista in un bar.

When I was young, I worked as a bartender in a bar.

C1: Se avessi più soldi, aprirei un bar nel centro della città.

If I had more money, I would open a bar in the city center.

C1: Nel nostro paese, il caffè al bar è una tradizione molto radicata.

In our country, having coffee at the bar is a deeply rooted tradition.

C1: Durante il lockdown, molti bar hanno chiuso definitivamente.

During the lockdown, many bars have permanently closed.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, bars play an important role in the daily life of Italians. They are not only places to have a drink, but also serve as meeting points for friends and colleagues. Italian bars are known for their vibrant atmosphere and lively conversations.

Bars in Italy offer a wide range of beverages, including coffee, wine, beer, and cocktails. Coffee is particularly popular in Italian bars, with espresso being the most common choice. Italians often start their day with a quick coffee at the bar counter before heading to work.

It is worth noting that in Italy, bars are different from pubs or nightclubs. Bars are generally open during the day and early evening, while pubs and nightclubs cater to late-night entertainment. Additionally, bars in Italy usually offer a selection of snacks or light meals to accompany the drinks.

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