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Meaning: base (foundation)

La base del progetto è solida.

The foundation of the project is solid.

Meaning: base (bottom part)

Il vaso ha una base larga.

The vase has a wide base.

Meaning: base (military)

L'esercito ha una base militare nella zona.

The army has a military base in the area.

Meaning: base (starting point)

Questo libro ti darà una buona base per imparare l'italiano.

This book will give you a good starting point to learn Italian.

Meaning: base (supporting structure)

La statua è posta su una base di marmo.

The statue is placed on a marble base.


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Il cane è seduto sulla base del tavolo.

The dog is sitting on the table base.

Ho comprato una nuova base per il mio telefono.

I bought a new base for my phone.

La base dell'edificio è molto solida.

The building's foundation is very solid.

Mi piacerebbe avere una base di conoscenza più ampia.

I would like to have a broader knowledge base.

La ricerca si basa su dati scientifici.

The research is based on scientific data.

Hanno costruito la casa basandosi sulle nostre indicazioni.

They built the house based on our instructions.

La sua decisione si basava su informazioni errate.

His decision was based on incorrect information.

La nostra amicizia si basa sulla fiducia reciproca.

Our friendship is based on mutual trust.

L'azienda ha basato la sua strategia sullo sviluppo sostenibile.

The company has based its strategy on sustainable development.

Advanced Description

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The noun base in Italian refers to the foundation or bottom part of something. It can also mean the starting point or the fundamental element of a concept, idea, or structure.

In Italian grammar, the noun base is particularly relevant when it comes to word formation. It represents the root form of a word before any inflections or suffixes are added. Understanding the base of a word is crucial for conjugating verbs, declining nouns, and forming adjectives and adverbs.

Furthermore, in military terminology, the noun base can refer to a military installation or facility where troops are stationed and operations are conducted.

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