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Basso is an Italian adjective that translates to 'low' in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: low in height

La sedia è bassa.

The chair is low.

Meaning: deep in pitch

La voce del cantante è molto bassa.

The singer's voice is very deep.

Meaning: short in length or duration

Il film è abbastanza basso, dura solo un'ora e mezza.

The movie is quite short, it only lasts an hour and a half.

Meaning: low in quantity or quality

La qualità della mia connessione internet è molto bassa oggi.

The quality of my internet connection is very poor today.


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A1: Questo tavolo è basso.

This table is low.

A2: Ho una voce bassa.

I have a low voice.

A2: Il prezzo del biglietto è molto basso.

The ticket price is very low.

B1: La temperatura è bassa oggi, dobbiamo vestirci bene.

The temperature is low today, we need to dress warmly.

B2: L'aereo sta volando a un'altitudine bassa.

The plane is flying at a low altitude.

B2: La qualità del suono è bassa in questa registrazione.

The sound quality is low in this recording.

C1: La società ha registrato un basso tasso di crescita quest'anno.

The company recorded a low growth rate this year.

C2: Il livello di istruzione della popolazione locale è ancora molto basso.

The level of education of the local population is still very low.

C2: Nonostante il suo successo, ha sempre mantenuto un profilo basso nella vita pubblica.

Despite his success, he has always maintained a low profile in public life.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word basso is commonly used in music to describe a low-pitched voice or instrument. For example, a basso singer would have a deep and resonant voice, while a basso continuo would refer to the low-pitched accompaniment in Baroque music.

In everyday language, basso can be used to describe anything that is physically low or has a low position. This could include a low ceiling, a low chair, or even a low mood.

It's important to note that basso can also be used figuratively to describe something that is of little importance or significance. In this context, it would be similar to the English phrase 'low priority'.

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