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Bene is an Italian adverb that means 'well' or 'good'. It is commonly used to describe a positive outcome or result, as well as to express satisfaction or approval.

Part of speech



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Meaning: well, in a good way

Mi sento bene oggi.

I feel good today.

Meaning: very, much

Ho mangiato bene stasera.

I ate very well tonight.

Meaning: rightly, correctly

Hai fatto bene ad accettare l'offerta di lavoro.

You did the right thing by accepting the job offer.

Meaning: enough

Basta così, va bene così.

That's enough, it's fine like this.


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A1: Va bene così.

It's okay like this.

A1: Parli italiano bene.

You speak Italian well.

A1: Ho dormito bene stanotte.

I slept well last night.

B1: Siamo andati bene alla partita di calcio ieri sera.

We did well at the soccer game last night. (past simple)

B1: Se studi bene, passerai l'esame.

If you study well, you will pass the exam. (present simple)

B1: Domani avremo fatto bene a portare l'ombrello.

Tomorrow we would have done well to bring an umbrella. (future perfect)

C1: Ha agito bene nel momento di crisi.

He acted well in the moment of crisis. (passato prossimo)

C1: Se avessi saputo che sarebbe stato così difficile, avrei preparato il discorso più bene.

If I had known it would be so difficult, I would have prepared my speech better. (trapassato prossimo)

C1: Dopo aver letto il libro, ho capito meglio quanto bene scrive l'autore.

After reading the book, I understood better how well the author writes. (present perfect)

Advanced Description

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In Italian, bene is a versatile word that can be used in many different contexts. For example, it can be used to describe how someone is feeling ('Mi sento bene' - I feel good), to express agreement ('Va bene' - That's fine), or to indicate success or achievement ('Ho fatto bene!' - I did well!).

Bene is also frequently used in the context of food and drink. Italians often use the phrase 'buon appetito' (enjoy your meal) before eating, and may follow up with 'bene?' to ask if everything tastes good. Similarly, when drinking wine, it is common to say 'Salute!' (Cheers!) and then ask 'Bene?' to confirm that everyone likes the wine.

Overall, bene is an important word to know for anyone learning Italian. Whether you are traveling to Italy or simply trying to improve your language skills, understanding how and when to use bene will help you communicate more effectively and confidently with native speakers.

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